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Kotor accommodation

We can say that the town of Kotor is a  historical monument and one of the most beautiful towns on the Adriatic coast that lures tourists with its beauty to visit it every year. Kotor is located Kotor accommodationat the narrowest point of the Bay so staying there is really special and different than in any other place in the Bay. You get the feeling of closed space, something like an oasis in the middle of nature, which is surrounded by high mountains so nothing can get to it. The Old Town of Kotor is surrounded by walls, and protected by Unesco. You can get to it by a long staircase that seem very attractive and climb frighteningly high up. The architecture of the town is what makes it special and romantic for those who visit this beautiful town. In fact, architecture of Kotor has a lot of venetian influence, because during one, not so short, period in its history, it belonged to the Republic of Venice. We recomend everyone who comes to the Bay of Kotor, or somewhere near it, to come here and enjoy beauties of this town.

Accommodation in Kotor

Kotor accommodation is various and plentiful because many guests come to spend their vacation here every summer season. Accommodation facilities consist accommodation in Kotorof many hotels well known abroad as well as in Montenegro because they are fitted in the architecture of this beautiful mediterranean town. Hotels in Kotor can accomodate a good deal of guests that come to this town, and they are arranged according to the highest standards in tourism, so guests can relax, stop worrying and enjoy their vacation. Besides these beautiful hotels there is one more category of accommodation that is as good as the hotels. It is private accommodation. They are very nicely arranged apartments and rooms in private villas. They are built in luxury style during these last years for the purpose of accommodating tourists. Those villas are like small hotels and the only differnce is that they don’t have restaurants within. Whichever type of accommodation you choose, you will have a good time and you will remember it for a long time.

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